Let's Be Real.

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Don't get me wrong, I love a good bride & groom portrait, but weddings are all-encompassing. Each one embodies such powerful emotions—love, gratitude, tears, excitement, and awe. I appreciate getting to document these moments just as much as portraits, as they quench my desire for authenticity and reality in images. Weddings, y'all...they are real great, aren't they?

Wedding shot with the wonderful Tim Harman.


Amanda & Lucas. Rome Engagements.

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She's an Irish dancer, he's a farrier. They're about as Irish-loving as it gets, so it was only fitting that we find a backdrop of old architecture, "castles," and farms.

So excited to be documenting these two at beautiful Barnsley Gardens this fall. Beautiful couple paired with a beautiful venue, and I am fully anticipating an Irish-dancing show down at their reception. (Hint, hint, Amanda...)

Cheers to Amanda & Lucas!


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She was the first person to ever trust me with a camera. And I'm not talking about trusting me to take a few cutesy shots at a picnic in the park. I'm talking about really trusting me.

She asked me to shoot her wedding, 4 years ago. Yes, a once in a lifetime, don't mess it up kind of opportunity that she for some reason wanted me to document. Did I have a portfolio? No. Had I shot a wedding before? Not really. Did she care? Nope. Her confidence and trust in me superseded my lack of experience.

And now 4 years down the road and one miracle baby on the way, her trust and confidence in me behind the camera is still just as strong as before. And I cannot express how refreshing, freeing, and enjoyable a simple act of trust can be when it comes to my work.

So to beautiful Camille and baby Evy, thank you for allowing me to do what I do wholeheartedly.

Breathing Room.

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The cold of winter tends to slow things down—it's as though the northern hemisphere gets to take a breather, a quiet pause on all things hectic. And for a wedding and portrait photographer, that pause is much needed. Winter rolls around with its dreary skies, pushing people indoors, or, at the very least, keeping them in bed a few minutes past the sound of the alarm. (Maybe that's just me...)

So while this time is slow, it's a time spent working on things that are a bit more personal. For me, this personal side is coming through in the form of party planning for dear friends, working on my culinary concoctions (and photographing them), spending time with ink and paper, and shooting/editing more personal work. Sure it doesn't pay the bills, but it feeds into and inspires the work that does pay the bills. And that makes this slow season one to soak up.

So here's to allowing some breathing room for new things to be birthed, for ideas to come into existence, and for a few extra minutes in the mornings to read in bed (or sleep under a favorite blanket).


München mag dich.

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I shyly handed the man 5 euro and muttered out an exhausted "danke schön" as he handed me a bag of edelkirschen: extra-firsch, which I understood to be fresh cherries. After a long (and unusually warm) day in Dachau, I convinced myself not to miss out on a quick solo walking tour through the town center, Marienplatz, knowing I may never make it back to Munich. The fresh cherries, ice cream, street artists, and architecture kept me energized until I was able to find rest in one of the beautiful catherdrals that was tucked away between the Town Hall and the ever-crowded Glockenspiel.