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With unemployment and job changes being all too frequent in this economy, and with the continual encroachment of social networking on the world of professional networking, it is no secret that image is important. That being said, here is my shameless plug for all you men and women seeking to up the ante for a professional yet appealing online "image." Go. Book. Your. Headshots. Now. With me, with "Jack & Jill Photographers" down the street, I don't care, as long as they're professional...Help us by letting us help you.

Professional headshots are an easy way to market yourself: find a simple location sans black drapes and cloud backdrops, and trade in the outdated pantsuits for a nice colorful blouse (or shirt and tie). While I hate to admit how influential our image can be in the professional world, I cannot deny how important a nice, clean, HAPPY headshot can be for your company's website, your business cards, and even your Linked-In profile. And yes, you and I both know it doesn't hurt to have a new Facebook profile pic that will probably, ahem, DEFINITELY, get you a lot of "likes"...Although in no way am I promoting finding your value in social media "likes."

OK, I'll hop off my soap box now...