Kayla. Portraits. Senior.

Amelia LawrenceComment

Senior photoshoots. Leave professionalism at the door...well sort of...

While I don't typically photograph many high school seniors, I do work with them 3 days a week, and therefore have developed quite a passion for them. Why? Maybe it's the silly jokes I overhear, or the latest youtube sensation that I pick up on from their "work breaks," but the thing that really brings out my passion for them is how much I see my "high school self" in each of them...wanting to be noticed, wanting to figure out life, and wanting to be confident and comfortable in who they are. And I can't say I've really managed to grasp any of those since then, and thankfully, each year I worry less and less about it! So here's to a fun shoot with one of my favorite (though I am biased because she brings me coffee and muffins all the time) high school students—a girl who is easily noticed for her jokes and incredibly sweet personality, a future Georgia Bulldog and biology student, and someone who I consider very confident and comfortable in her own skin.