Katie & Nate. Married. Muscadine Vine Family Wedding.

Amelia LawrenceComment

Katie & Nate's wedding was beautifully intimate, ornate, and so very fitting to their literature-driven passion and persona. I so appreciate the opportunity to photograph smaller family weddings on occasion simply because, while they are often small in numbers, they are immeasurably abundant in love, affection, and a uniqueness that can only be developed over years of investment in one another, which I saw throughout the day. My favorite part of the night? The father of the bride put on a slideshow of photos while playing an original recording of a 911 call made twenty-something years ago as Katie's mother gave birth to her in the living room at home. 

All that to say, Katie & Nate, may you continue to unravel the story of love God has placed before you, and may your passion for one another and your passion for words increasingly grow with every year of marriage to one another!