Kayla & Ryan. Sweet Southern Wedding. Muscadine Vine.

Amelia Lawrence3 Comments

Kayla and Ryan's wedding day began with rainy weather predictions, which left us all a little nervous. Muddy burlap and lace are no peanut butter and jelly, if you know what I mean. But as Pastor Tom Tanner always says "Jesus loves weddings," and we all felt His favor that miraculously sunny May day.

Sweet Kayla and Ryan, with the help of their bridal party and talented families, spent the week before (and the morning of) their wedding putting together all of the intricate details that not only made their wedding magazine worthy, but also made it extremely personal and intimate despite having a larger guest list. Every corner, every garden, every barn was embellished with antiques and handmade details, and for someone who attends a lot of weddings, I was beyond impressed. It was perfect. Plus, the food was amazing. And I love food.

Aside from a stunning backdrop to the day, what stood out even more was the prayerful support of dear ones near and far who spent the last several years investing in a relationship they knew and believed would lead to this day. And in seeing Ryan's emotions both during their "First Touch" and ceremony, I knew that they too had been excitedly awaiting to see this day through.

All that to say, Jesus loves weddings. And Jesus loves these two newlyweds.


Special thanks to Carrie & Jonah over at It's the Everyday for being my second and third shooters for this wedding. They killed it. I can always count on them to come through with amazing images. Go show them some love on their new blog!