Sara & Jones. Bangladesh to Big Canoe Wedding.

Amelia LawrenceComment

Prayers were answered in due timing—the kind of timing that I often find characteristic of God—long awaited, but not without hope. I received an email a couple weeks before Sara & Jones were scheduled to get married, and let out a sigh of relief. Jones had finally gained citizenship, after months of waiting and praying. After packing up his life in Bangladesh, he was able to arrive in the states, free of government restrictions, just days before their wedding day.

And then they were married. A rainy winter day at Big Canoe, but nothing short of beautiful as friends and family both near and far witnessed the strong faithfulness of a God whose timing is good and perfect, no matter how long awaited. Though the weather kept most of the festivities indoors, the sweet ceremony and reception, complete with hearts, brunch, and a tablet set to Skype, exuded a joy that can only come from the fulfillment of a deep hope.

So here's to hope fulfilled. Sara and Jones—may you both enjoy being on the same continent, in the same state, under the same roof, growing deeper in love with one another and with the One who made it all happen.