New York: Skylines & More Highs

Amelia LawrenceComment

Trying to remember where I left off in the previous post, which can be found here. Ah, yes, I left you with the promise of African tribal dancers, elephants, Top of the Rock views, and selfies (are they selfies if a good looking European man took them?).

We broke up our "touristy" days with visits to local eateries, coffee shops, boutiques, and book stores. We used the mess out of our metro cards, and we power-walked the streets of the Gramercy and Flatiron neighborhoods where people mistook us for locals on the reg. Yea, that's right, we had the air of a New Yorker. However that didn't stop certain individuals from approaching us on the metro looking for a "molly" from Molly. (BTW, "Mollys" are a new type of drug that recently hit the streets.) 

We made several trips to Shake Shack in between stops, hopped over to Brooklyn a time or two, celebrated Molly's birthday at a quaint Irish shebeen, and ventured through Eataly, enjoying a plethora of aromas and flavors, as well as the company of a charming older Italian man and his posse of young financial yuppies.

With the weather maintaining its bleak forecast, we also took the opportunity to pick up some S'MAC mac n' cheese and watch Breakfast at Tiffany's (and various other New York films) from the comfort of a California king. I hadn't realized how exhausting it was to keep yourself warm until this trip...

We also managed a visit to the Museum of Natural History, which we had to cut a little short in order to make it to our sunset appointment with the Top of the Rock. Which, by the way, was the best decision ever. So much better than going to the top of the Empire, which I had done a couple years prior. Needless to say, lots of highs during the peak of our week.

Ladies and gentlemen...NBC. Ice Skating. Aaaaand...The Top. Of the Rock. Beautiful night up on the top deck, with some stunning views. (I'm talking about the buildings, not our selfies.)