Abigail and Kyle. Grant Park Engagements.

Amelia LawrenceComment

It's that time of year again, the time when rich hues of green mingle with the warm tones of spring sunsets. It's the time of year to celebrate all the couples both engaged and married, and to capture the celebration as it happens in front of the camera. Which is where my job comes in. For Abigail & Kyle, my job was simple—to sit back and watch them do what two people in love do, and to snap a few frames along the way. I love how these came out. I am beyond excited to get to have these two beautiful subjects in front of my camera in just a few short months, and to continue to watch their love unfold as they say "I do." 

Kyle, thank you for making my job easy (all of the posing was courtesy of Kyle being so "Rico Suave" and romantic with Abigail). And Abigail, thank you for being such a beauty and for showing off that gorgeous smile.