Growth & Humility. Fruit & Light.

Amelia Lawrence1 Comment

This is a rare occasion, this being a more personal, introspective post. As I sought after my desire to dive into the deep end of wedding photography, I knew I would be signing over my "rights" as a future guest at most weddings. But this weekend was different. I agreed to be a guest, and only a guest, at my college friend's wedding in Charleston, something that hasn't happened in over two years.

This past year and a half, I have witnessed Brendan & Danielle grow together on their journey to the altar. I have seen the struggles and the victories, the realness and the authenticity of their commitment. I have seen the fruit that has come from them lovingly pursuing one another no matter how tired, stressed, scared, or irritable they may have gotten with each other. And I have seen how the heart of Bloom & Lo—my business, my passion—is being lived out in the couples I photograph and meet every month.

I want so badly to document people who are deeply rooted, growing towards the Light, producing fruit, and remaining humble throughout the process of their relationships. People who are real, honest, and not afraid to admit that they haven't "arrived," but are still very much in the beginning stages of growing together and figuring things out. I often get too caught up in doing my job to acknowledge and encourage the people I photograph, to tell them I appreciate their vulnerability in front of as well as behind the camera.

Love that is continually nurtured, love that seeks the Light at all cost, will always find a way to bloom.

Here's to Danielle & Brendan! Love you both.