Preview: A Charleston Wedding.

Amelia LawrenceComment

Je peux vous prendre en photo? Puis-je avoir un peu de vin? A few phrases to get me through the next two weeks.

With my expected departure only 2 days away, it is safe to say my room, office, and mental state is nothing short of chaotic. But before I start repacking my suitcase and camera bags, I wanted to sift through this past weekend's festivities: Whitney & Paul's Charleston wedding. A dream to say the least, this wedding shoot on the streets of Charleston gave me a taste of what my European work might look like. I'll take another order of couture lace, ivy walls, arches, and cobblestone streets, s'il vous plaît.

With that being said, queue the "Dream a Little Dream" and enjoy a few frames of this beautiful couple before I get on a plane for a Parisian wedding and say "au revoir" for a few weeks.