Travel Tuesday. I Love Paris in the Rain.

Amelia LawrenceComment

"Down in Paris they walk fast
That is unless they're walking slow
And in cafes they look away
That is unless they look right in
And in the gardens I get lost
That is unless I'm getting found
And if you are the ghost of New York City
Then won't you stick around?"


And yes, I do love Paris in the rain. And in the sun. And I imagine I'd love it in any sort of weather.

Paris won my heart, just as I knew it would—its people, its architecture, it's views, its food, its air. I managed to navigate through the streets while being mistaken as a local, which made it that much better. And the views of umbrellas scattered around the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Musee de Louvre made it a seemingly authentic experience.

Paris, France. 2014.