Travel Tuesday. Stuttgart Offers More.

Amelia LawrenceComment

"Stuttgart offers more"—more than meets the eye. I flew into Stuttgart not knowing exactly what to expect. I had imagined streets of biergartens infiltrated by men in lederhosen, clinking giant beer glasses...while dodging Porsches and Maybachs racing through tiny cobblestone roads. (That's a lot of German stereotypes for one very long sentence.) And while Stuttgart has its fill of biergartens, storefronts with lederhosen displays, and exotic car factories, I was pleasantly surprised by its geography, history, and hidden local spots.

Trips to the biergarten and fischmarkt were broken up by walks through the city center where I stumbled upon the Old Castle (circa 950AD), Parliament, and a mix of old and modern architecture. But perhaps my favorite part of the trip, a quick drive up into the vineyards, left me the most amazed. It reminded me of how perspective works: the most beautiful sites require a climb, an aerial view, in order to see the big picture and all that it encompasses. Sites like these allow small details and parts to come together in a beautiful skyline of growth, variety, and completion. And that brings me a tremendous amount of peace.

(Stuttgart, Germany 2014)