Amelia LawrenceComment

She was the first person to ever trust me with a camera. And I'm not talking about trusting me to take a few cutesy shots at a picnic in the park. I'm talking about really trusting me.

She asked me to shoot her wedding, 4 years ago. Yes, a once in a lifetime, don't mess it up kind of opportunity that she for some reason wanted me to document. Did I have a portfolio? No. Had I shot a wedding before? Not really. Did she care? Nope. Her confidence and trust in me superseded my lack of experience.

And now 4 years down the road and one miracle baby on the way, her trust and confidence in me behind the camera is still just as strong as before. And I cannot express how refreshing, freeing, and enjoyable a simple act of trust can be when it comes to my work.

So to beautiful Camille and baby Evy, thank you for allowing me to do what I do wholeheartedly.