Boot Scootin' Bakery

Amelia LawrenceComment

Dreary clouds and a drizzle of rain cleared out the usual Saturday morning hustle and bustle at the Marietta Farmers Market. Sporting rain boots and jackets, customers hopped from tent to tent, picking up local produce, grazing through samples, and stopping to admire the bright bushels of flowers lining the streets. The smell of hickory maple bacon lingering in the air and the assortment of dogs happily accompanying their food-savvy owners draws me in every weekend; but for Emma, it's all about what's fresh, healthy, and in season.

A veg-head, yoga-instructing baker of all things southern and all things vegan-friendly (with the exception of some of the goodies shown below), Emma spent the morning in front of my camera, looking beautiful, and cooking up some delicious treats for me to not only photograph, but also eat. And, man, do I love to eat! 

So have a look through her session, but be forewarned: DROOLING MAY OCCUR. Her pumpkin muffins and waffles are the bomb diggity. And the best part is that these baked goods will soon be up on her Boot Scootin' Bakery website for purchase (link to follow...). A perfect treat to buy your friends and family for the holidays.

I love supporting new businesses, and you should too, especially all you vegans out check out Boot Scootin' Bakery (tba), and stop by the 2B Whole Gluten-Free European Bakery tent at the Marietta Farmers Market for some gluten-free rosemary bread and cranberry scones!